Developing Placement Processes 

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90 Day Challenge – Boost Career  

This 3-month intense sprint aims to further strengthen graduate placement at the end of each course and assist graduates in finding their first job. The program, to begin this coming month in cooperation with AT&T and Tech-Career board members, has two main tracks: 

  1. For Automation Development graduates – continued study and tutoring, meetings with our career development staff and with HR personnel from the industry, and internships. 

  2. For Software Development graduates – continued study in collaboration with Wiz and AT&T. 


The program will assist participants in: 

  1. Creating a tailored job search work plan;  

  2. Writing the best possible CV; and 

  3. Preparing for job interviews. 


In the framework of the program, we will test graduates to compare their knowledge and capabilities with market requirements. We are also building program components to develop personal projects and provide independent study online courses.