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New and Exciting Collaborations with the Industry 

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Our long-term partnership with AT&T continues to expand. In June, AT&T hosted Automation Development students and their families at a moving graduation ceremony.  

Assaf Levi, head of the development team, provided a lecture session on software testing for our software development students.  

AT&T is involved in our 90 Day Challenge – Boost Career program to further strengthen graduate placement at the end of each course.  

AT&T is providing business English lessons to software development students.

 The company just recently donated 25 MacBook Pro computers for our students.

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In June BioCatch hosted 45 students from our two Software Development courses for a site visit. The visit began with a lecture by the company's CEO on cyber fraud prevention. An HR professional gave a lecture on CV writing and provided interviewing tips; students participated in a lecture on the daily work routine of a developer and met with a product manager. We are continuing to strengthen collaboration with the company and are planning job interview simulations and a joint final project. We greatly appreciate the company's partnership and the most generous donation they just recently provided  to Tech-Career.  


We are partnering with Meta in the framework of our current Data Analysis course and 10 Meta employees volunteer as mentors for our students and will provide them with four enrichment lectures. Students will visit the company in December. 


Amazon, which emphasizes diversity in recruitment, especially for women, approached us in order to recruit Ethiopian Israeli women as Development Network Engineers. Thus far two graduates of our recent Cisco DevNet course have been employed by the company. As a result, Amazon's Data department is also interested in collaborating on the Data Analysis course which began recently. At the end of September, they will hold a special event at their offices for Data students, with the participation of Amazon's CEO and senior analysts who will provide enrichment lectures for our students. 



Our Full Stack Software Development students visited Microsoft at the beginning of September. The visit included job interview preparation, a body language workshop (one of the moderators was a Tech-Career graduate), a job search workshop, a lecture on personal branding, and a lecture by MSAI Manager Eran Yariv. 

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Pagaya recently joined forces with Tech-Career with a focus on our Data courses. Data Analysis students visited the company this past week and met with the CEO. Pagaya employees provide enrichment lectures and tutor the students, and are also interested in mentoring them and assisting with placement. 


Collaboration with PayPal began a few months ago. The company's employees were excited to learn about Tech-Career's activities and expressed an interest in volunteering as mentors and tutors in our Software Development and Data courses. Tech-Career students will also visit the company. 


As part of Imperva's social responsibility agenda, the company decided to partner with a number of NGOs and training centers, including Tech-Career. They expressed an interest in becoming involved in our Software Development courses, and this collaboration is now in the planning stages. Imperva will host students in the coming months to help prepare them for placement in the industry. 

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Moveo Group

Collaboration with Moveo Group began recently and has already demonstrated valuable results: Moveo hosted Software Development students for a site visit where they met with the company's founder, the HR team and professional managers; employees participated in job interview simulations and provided a lecture on the importance of employment diversity. One of our graduates is currently in an advanced placement process with the company. 


Wiz's CTO heard about Tech-Career's activities, was deeply impressed and expressed an interest in assisting students and graduates in the placement process. After the High Holidays, Wiz and Tech-Career will hold a job interview simulation day for our graduates, who will receive precious feedback and expand their networks in the industry. 


Two Tech-Career graduates working at Payoneer initiated a partnership. The graduates and our Employer Relations Manager met with senior staff at the company and we are now developing a joint enrichment and career preparation program. 

Just Eat

One of our volunteers who works at Just Eat initiated a collaboration that will include having the company's employees mentor and tutor our students. Just Eat will host students for a site visit and hackathon at the beginning of 2023. 

Israel National Cyber Directorate 

The National Cyber Directorate is working to turn the city of Be'er Sheva into a unique cyber defense center, in the framework of a government resolution designating the city as Israel's cyber capital. The Be'er Sheva center will host Automation Development students at a site visit where they will learn about innovation in the cyber world and will meet Erez Tidhar, Head of Israel National CERT (the cyber authority's Computer Emergency Response Team). 

Gav Yam Technological Park, R&D Center  

Following Tech-Career's invitation to the Cyber Directorate in Be'er Sheva, students were also invited to visit the Gav Yam Technological Park R&D Center, where they will learn about the diverse high tech companies located in Israel's southern region, and will participate in a Tech-Career alumni panel. 


INSAIT approached Tech-Career to collaborate with us and assist with placement. The company interviewed Data course graduates and two will begin an internship with the company. 

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