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   Courses which began during this period

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Two Cisco DevNet Courses

The first DevNet course, in partnership with the Ministry of Defense, began in August 2022 and is set to conclude in May 2023 with 22 students. This course meets evolving market needs, teaching students in depth programming, network security and automation on complex communications and networking platforms, as well as providing enrichment on a variety of topics such as Python, Linux, Oracle Cloud, VoIP, and Network monitoring.  All students passed the CCNA and CCNP international certifications and are now preparing for the DevNet international examination.  
Course partners, which include Cisco, Amazon and Bynet Data Communications, provide guest lectures, site tours, and placement opportunities for students. Students paid two visits to Cisco in Netanya where they learned about the company, got a first-hand look at its server farm, met with Cisco UK's head of cyber Phil Goff, and were trained on LinkedIn and Cisco's Meraki cloud-first platform. Students also enjoyed a site tour at Check Point. Shmulik Haber, Internet Binat's CEO, met with the students in the Tech-Career offices, accompanied by HR professionals and Tech-Career graduates working at the company. Students will soon begin on-the-job-training (OJT) at the company. Students are now undergoing recruitment interviews at various companies. Bynet held an interview day at Tech-Career for the entire class and students who have passed the initial interview are continuing the recruitment process at the company.  Two students have already signed a contract with Partner and Amazon.

The second DevNet course, also in partnership with the Ministry of Defense, began in January 2023 with 22 students and will conclude at the end of August. The recruitment process began with 60 candidates and included a meetup, tests, and personal interviews. Students from the DevNet course that is about to conclude tutor students in this course. Participants visited Check Point where they toured the company's cyber and IT centers, met with Talent Acquisition professionals and Tech-Career graduates working at the company. 
Students will take their first international certification test (CCNA) in May, will visit Cisco and Bank Leumi, and will participate in career preparation, financial management and other enrichment workshops.
In the coming weeks, course students will begin volunteering with schoolchildren at the Ma'apilim school in Lod, in a project in collaboration with First and F5, exposing them to STEM education. As future community leaders, this volunteering opportunity will allow Tech-Career students to be inspiring role models for the children. 

Data Analysis for Women

250 women signed up for an exposure conference at Check Point and applied for the course. Following a thorough recruitment process, 24 candidates were chosen to begin the course. Participants are working mothers with academic degrees who decided to take the leap and enroll in an intensive and challenging course in order make an impact on their and their families' futures. The course began on March 29 with head lecturer Ram Kedem, founder of Upscale Analytics.

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