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Diverse Training 

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Data Analysis in partnership with the Israel Innovation Authority 

After leading the way for Ethiopian Israeli academics in Data positions, we are thrilled to have launched our second Data course, which began on August 29, and is scheduled to run for six months, led by Ram Kedem, a leading Data Analysis instructor. The student body is overwhelmingly female (14 out of 17), and most participants have degrees in science fields. The comprehensive recruitment process included a meetup at Microsoft Israel, online courses and tests, and a personal interview – just 20% of candidates were accepted into the course. 

The course is being carried out in collaboration with Meta Israel (Facebook) whose staff assisted in creating the syllabus, and during the course will provide enrichment lectures and tutoring, and will mentor the students. The course includes site tours at leading companies: Meta (including enrichment workshops on analytics), Pagaya (whose employees will also provide a number of lectures for students), and PayPal. Students will also benefit from a critical and analytical thinking workshop run by Ruth Aaron of The Data Couch. At the end of the course, students will carry out a live project in the Data field. The course will take place in the evenings and on Fridays and graduates will integrate into positions in the Data world, which is becoming more and more predominant in the tech job market. 

Cisco DevNet Engineers in partnership with the Ministry of Defense 


Tech-Career's most recent Cisco DevNet course began on August 29 with 22 students and we aim to continue the success of previous graduates in this field. Course partners will include Amazon and Bynet Data Communications– the companies will provide professional guest lectures and placement opportunities for graduates. 

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Full Stack Software Development courses 

As part of our commitment to providing students with the best and most up to date training, we upgraded our Full Stack Software Development courses over the past year. In order to do so, we worked with industry specialists including Nir Kaufman of Next Insurance and Ran Bar-Zik, a tech journalist at TheMarker, as well as a lecturer, author, blogger and software architect. Ran is well-known for exposing security breaches and for his activity in favor of information security, free internet and privacy.  

The upgrade process included focused consulting with our new Board Members Adv. Karen Tzamir-Brown, founder and CEO of OneCode, and cyber consultant Meital Arik, previously Head of the Cyber Guidance and Regulation Division of the Israel National Cyber Directorate.  

Following this process, Software Development courses now include: 

  • Python studies. 

  • A focused training component on algorithmics and data structures led by one of our graduates. This component was developed together with eBay and developers from Wix and Amdocs. Students who have already participated in the program developed three different projects that included groundbreaking development ideas, project schematization, connection to live databases, design, development, presentation to the class and staff, and the upload of the project onto a personal portfolio on the Github developer platform. 

  • Lectures on Continuous Delivery and technological job interview simulations, led by Nir Peled, that served as a Principal Software Engineer at JustEat and Fiverr

  • Participation in meetups throughout the course. 

  • In-depth lectures on Github led by Yotam Katzman, a developer at Trigo

  • A lecture session on Code Review and Clean Code software testing led by Assaf Halevi, a development team leader at AT&T. 

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Full Stack Software Development in partnership with the Ministry of Defense


120 candidates underwent recruitment processes for this course which began at the end of February with 24 participants. The course is scheduled to run for about one year and this is the first software development course to include Python in its curriculum. Among course lecturers, tutors, and volunteers are graduates and senior developers working at Microsoft, AT&T and Chief course lecturer Yaniv Arad is an expert in creating curriculum for development courses, with 15 years of experience as a developer, and has produced an innovative learning platform for software development studies. Thus far, students have been on a site visit at Riskified, where they met with senior HR personnel and got tips on job interviews and recruitment processes at high tech companies. They also met with software professionals at the company for a workshop. They visited Microsoft where they heard lectures by the HR team and participated in a panel where they were advised on job opportunities, career management, and personal branding.  

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Full Stack Software Development in partnership with the Israel Innovation Authority – Tech-Career's 50th Course! 

This Software Development course began at the end of March 2022 with 25 participants. It integrates React, Java Script, Node.js, Mongo DB among other subjects and will soon conclude. Students recently presented their final projects in English. During the course they participated in a site tour at BioCatch and Moveo Group. Moveo is renowned for its unique recruitment process, which enables juniors without experience to integrate into the company. The company wrote a moving post about the site tour on their LinkedIn profile. The students will soon visit Microsoft and Google. During the course, students will also benefit from lectures with product manager Jonathan Shacham, a personal financial management workshop, a task management workshop, HR and professional job interview simulations, and a hackathon. Yaakov Ingedau, a Tech-Career graduate from 2017 who worked in the industry and developed a software development learning app, is the course's chief lecturer. 

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Automation Development in partnership with the Jewish Agency and the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration 

This 8-month course began in Be'er Sheva at the end of February 2022 with 25 young new Ethiopian Israeli immigrants with academic degrees living at absorption centers, who are interested in integrating into Israel's high tech industry. This course is an upgrade of our previous QA course, includes Python programming, and is based on automatic tools. The course's head lecturer is Israel Mangisto, Tech-Career graduate and CTO of Trado. In October, students will visit the Israel National Cyber Directorate and Gav Yam Technological Park R&D Center in Be'er Sheva, where they will meet Tech-Career graduates working at Wix, learn about Israel's cyber ecosystem and the development of high tech industries in southern Israel. Once a month, students benefit from technological and inspirational enrichment lectures by leading Ethiopian Israeli entrepreneurs who have broken the glass ceiling, such as Adis Mekonen who developed a unique product that integrates an actual ball game with a smart phone. We recently forged an exciting reciprocal mentoring collaboration between course students and Full Stack students, in which the latter help the new immigrants improve their Hebrew language skills, and Automation Development students teach the others Amharic. Full Stack students will have their final projects tested for bugs by the Automation testers, as part of the program's practical exercises. 

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