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From the Desk of Takele Mekonen

takele desk

Dear Friends and Partners,

Over the past six months Israeli society has faced unparalleled challenges. The war has taken its toll, claiming victims both in body and soul. Many of the fallen are Ethiopian Israeli young adults – comprising 4% of the total casualties, twice their representation in the population. At the same time, over 100,000 residents of the Galilee and the Gaza envelope have been displaced from their homes. Most distressingly, six months into the war, 133 individuals are still held hostage in Gaza.

In recent months, we have adapted our programs to the situation as it develops and we have addressed the needs of those severely impacted by the ongoing conflict. Many of our students have served in prolonged and challenging IDF reserve duty, and all programs include workshops and sessions with mental health professionals. These sessions are designed to offer emotional support and equip participants with coping mechanisms aimed at strengthening mental resilience. Considering the war's impact on the South, we are planning to launch a Cyber and Data Communications course specifically for Ethiopian Israelis from Ashkelon, Sderot, Ofakim, Netivot, Kiryat Malakhi, Kiryat Gat, and Be'er Sheva, set to begin in September 2024.

The war also led to the postponement of several courses - courses that were supposed to start in October were deferred, as students who were set to begin their studies were called up for IDF reserve duty with an unknown end date. We at Tech-Career are committed to providing solutions for all students impacted by the war, supporting them at every stage, whether because a course began later than expected or because they joined a course late and needed help catching up. Alongside these challenges, we are witnessing a growing desire among young people from the Ethiopian Israeli community to enter the tech workforce in meaningful and stable career pathways.

As part of our expansion, we are planning on opening a new northern branch in Kiryat Motzkin to address the needs of Ethiopian Israelis residing in Haifa and the surrounding region. We also launched a unique specialization track in collaboration with the Innovation Authority for graduates of academic and non-academic training programs in the software development and data analysis fields who are unable to secure jobs due to the industry crisis. We continue to operate the In-Tech program across the country in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor. The program’s third cycle began in February 2024 with 220 Ethiopian Israeli participants.

In closing, our thoughts are with young Himanot Kasau who disappeared from the Absorption Center in Safed on February 25.  Our hearts are with the Kasau family, and we hope for her swift and safe return.

I invite you to read about Tech-Career’s extensive activities in this newsletter. I would like extend my warmest wishes to you and all of Israel for more peaceful days. I hope we emerge from this crisis stronger both as a society and a nation, for our sake and for the sake of future generations.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the board of directors, the entire Tech-Career team, and to you, our donors and partners who, even in this challenging time, continue to believe in and support us, helping us steer Israel’s Ethiopian Israeli community forward.

Wishing you and your families a Happy and Healthy Pesach,

Takele Mekonen


The In-Tech Program

IMG_8065 (1).JPG

Third Cycle

In-Tech’s third program cycle was scheduled to launch on October 8. Instead, it began on January 28 after 11 exposure events (including 7 in-person events!) with 2,317 interested participants. The program cycle was originally planned to include 200 participants but began with 220 participants from 12 different cities across the country. The program operates on two levels: professional and personal-emotional. The latter piece delves into the personal capabilities of participants to choose the most suitable tech field for them while overcoming internal barriers. The professional level focuses on exposing and expanding knowledge on various tech fields so that at the end of the process, participants may enroll in the right professional study track (academic or vocational training). Volunteer group leaders from high-tech companies (e.g., from Cognyte) guide participants through the personal-emotional process and serve as a stable anchor for the participants throughout the cycle. 
The cycle began with a series of fascinating workshops on LinkedIn, networking, personal branding, decision-making, and more. Workshops took place at leading companies including: Lightricks, OurCrowd, IBM, Check Point, Novidea, Applied Materials, LSports, AT&T. For most participants, this was their first visit to a tech company. The program’s professional sessions are led by Analiza and take place twice a week. Additionally, volunteers deliver lectures in various fields. So far, over 20 different volunteers have participated!

In March, we conducted five site tours at leading tech companies:  

Check Point, Myheritage, Plus500, Versatile and Moveo, which assisted participants in the decision-making process regarding their field of interest. The final stage of the program includes guidance, workshops and study counselling in collaboration with the Aluma’s "Hesegim" program, the Ministry of Labor’s LaMerhak program, and youth centers in municipalities. All guidance counsellors undergo comprehensive training.

Participants also benefit from enrichment activities delivered by senior figures in the tech industry. Recently, they participated in a lecture given by David Zruia, CEO of Plus500, where he shared his career path from an entry-level position to CEO. They also met with Hannah Meshesha, a Product Designer who presented the method she developed for improving English proficiency in a short time. 

The Program During Wartime
As part of our desire to provide activities for the public benefit during this time, we adjusted the program to offer it to evacuees from the Gaza periphery and reservists returning from the front lines. In collaboration with the employment department of the municipality of Sderot, we integrated evacuees from the city into the program’s various groups. Similarly, in Ashkelon, a city that is home to a large community of young Ethiopian Israelis who experienced a very difficult period but did not receive assistance despite their close proximity to the front lines, we formed a group of 18 participants from Ashkelon, Netivot, and Ofakim in collaboration with the Innovation Center of the Ashkelon municipality. 

Study Fair

One of the program’s highlights is a national study fair. The huge event took place on April 15 at Check Point with 130 participants from all over Israel. Academic and non-academic training programs exhibited at the fair, including the Google-Reichman Tech School, Developer’s Institute, the Bar Ilan University, the Ono Academic College, and many more. Program participants learned about the different study tracks at each school and about scholarship opportunities. The fair ended with a wonderful #IamRemarkable wokshop by Google. 

Alumni and Mentors
To date, 130 graduates have completed 2 training cycles. 77 have already enrolled in technological studies at institutions such as Tel Aviv University, Ariel University, Bar Ilan, HIT, Google-Reichman, Tech-Career and more – 20% in academic tracks, 66% in non-academic training programs, 13% in preparatory programs, and 1% in practical engineering tracks - in fields including software development, communication networks, data analysis, information systems and communication, UX/UI, industry and management, and more.

13 program graduates have already completed their studies and are in job placement processes; four were accepted into initial positions or specialization programs at tech companies. The program aims to reach 1,360 Ethiopian Israeli young adults and have at least 850 enrol in technological studies by July 2025.

Additionally, we launched several new initiatives that provide a wide range of support for our graduates. This involves providing mentorship to graduates as they navigate through the enrolment process, mentoring graduates during their studies (in collaboration with the 'Amit LaDerech' association), and mentoring to assist graduates in finding employment after they complete their studies. Program participants have also joined the "English B’Yachad" program by Skilled Volunteers for Israel, providing them with an opportunity to improve English language skills with volunteers from North America. 

In-Tech is currently working on advancing a collaborative effort with the 8200 Alumni Association with the aim of providing enrichment for program graduates on topics such as entrepreneurship and successful pathways to finding their first job.

Increased Demand for Our Programs


In recent months, there has been significant increase in demand for our programs. In ten exposure evenings, we had about 800 interested participants. Tech-Career is committed to gender diversity - we are pleased to report a growing interest in our courses among women, especially in Cisco DevNet courses, and are particularly proud that 50% of our participants in the most recent courses are women! We have also witnessed a significant increase in the number of candidates over the age of 30 seeking opportunities for personal and professional growth. Thanks to Tech-Career’s ability to identify emerging trends, we continue to successfully develop tailored programs for diverse target audiences.

Training News

Devops Study Session.jpeg

Despite the war, Tech-Career has been operating six course since the beginning of the year, and is planning to open seven more by the end of the year!
In recent months, Tech-Career operated the following courses:
Cisco DevNet, in partnership with the Ministry of Defense – January–September 2023 with 21 students. The seven-month course included more than 700 academic study hours, 1,000 hours of practical experience and 100 hours of career preparation and soft skills. It also included visits to Check Point, Oasis, Bank Leumi’s cyber headquarters, training days at Cisco, various workshops and job interview simulations. We held the course graduation ceremony, originally planned for October, on March 3 at Israel Discount Bank. We are proud to report that 16 out of 21 graduates are now working!

Data Analysis for 23 women with academic degrees began in March 2023   and concluded on March 10 (extended due to the war), with a graduation ceremony at Check Point. Course graduates are now participating in job interviews. The high-level course, run in collaboration with Upscale Analytics, was adapted to enable working mothers to participate. Participants gained in-depth knowledge on Python (Pandas, Numpy), Excel, MSSQL and Power BI. The course included hours of technological and analytical practice as well as mentoring by senior professional women in the field. Even during this challenging year, participants succeeded in balancing parenting, their current careers, and a highly demanding course. Their persistence yielded remarkable results.

Cisco DevNet in partnership with the Ministry of Defense – began in July 2023 and ended on April 9th with a moving graduation ceremony at IITC. Students completed all three international certification exams – CCNA, CCNP, and DevNet. In addition to their studies, they participated in a presentation workshop with AT&T’s global training manager and gave professional presentations to the staff. They visited Dell where they heard inspiring stories from employees, including that of Esther Desta. Esther has been working for the company for about eight years and leads the integration process of Ethiopian Israelis in the company as part of its Mosaic program, a program Dell initiated to advance underrepresented populations in Israel’s high-tech industry. Students toured the company's server center, participated in a LinkedIn workshop, and held private meetings with HR recruiters who helped them improve their resumes. In preparation for their first job in the field, two graduates from a previous course came to talk to participants. They discussed the disparities between the course and actual network management work. They shared challenges they faced in finding their first job and provided valuable tips. Most graduates are in placement processes at various companies. We are proud to report that six graduates already signed contracts at TSG, Ness Digital Engineering, Cato Networks, Bezeq and Internet Rimon!

DevOps began in August 2023 with 21 students, all Tech-Career alumni, designed specifically to provide our graduates with additional opportunities in the tech world. This high-level course is conducted in collaboration with Develeap, a leading DevOps training company. Participants meet remotely twice a week and in person once every two weeks. Program staff closely accompany participants and are available for any questions or issues 24/7. Studies halted at the outbreak of the war but students met with industry practitioners to preserve their knowledge until studies resumed in January 2024. In recent weeks, students have been studying modules such as AWS, Jenkins, GitHub, Actions JFrog, etc. Several graduates from software development and automation fields are now utilizing tools acquired during the course to manage DevOps projects in their industry workplaces.

Cyber and Data Communications - The course, in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense, was scheduled to commence in October but was postponed due to the war and began in January 2024. The course includes 17 students, among them, seven women and six In-Tech graduates. Some came straight from IDF reserve duty, others came in March when their reserve service finished. This is our first course to integrate a Fortinet (a leading global cybersecurity company) learning module, which provides new opportunities for students to integrate into the tech industry. Students recently met with Yacov Nagose, a Tech-Career graduate (2011); Yacov currently works at one of the world's leading gaming companies and serves as Tech-Career's techno-pedagogical leader in the communications and cybersecurity fields. Yacov’s intense activities have resulted in a significant increase in placement rates for Tech-Career graduates.

Data Analysis for evacuees – began in February 2024. In collaboration with Ram Kedem, founder of Upscale Analytics, we developed the Practical Data Analysis course for residents of the Gaza envelope. Throughout the recruitment process, we met incredible people who chose to participate in a challenging course at a very difficult time with the aim of making a career change to help get their lives back on track. Students have started the Advanced SQL module and will take on Power BI and Python in the coming weeks.

Cyber and Data Communications – began on March 25 with 25 students (50% female!), the first of six courses in collaboration with the Innovation Authority in the framework of the tender we won. Most participants (aged 24-35) served in combat units and 10 recently completed lengthy reserve duty. In addition to CCNA and CCNP, students will receive certification in Fortinet’s firewall field.


Placement Achievements

Despite the economic slowdown and the war, Tech-Career graduates are persisting in successfully integrating into the industry:

DevNet (completed on April 9th) – 6 graduates have already signed contracts at TSG, Ness Digital Engineering, Cato Networks, Bezeq and Internet Rimon.

DevNet (completed in September 2023) – 16 graduates began working within six months of graduation at companies including OMC, NetGroup Atmos, PurePeak, Bynet Communications, Partner and more.

DevNet (completed in July 2023) - 16 graduates began working in companies such as Amazon, Partner, ByNet Communications, Triple C, Internet Binat, OMC, Comel and more.

Software Development (completed in January 2023) – Six graduates are working at Internet Rimon,, Bank of Israel,the Port of Ashdod and AT&T. Nine went on to academic studies at Ono Academic College and Tel Aviv University, and 10 were accepted into Tech-Career’s new specialization track.

On Track for the High-Tech Industry

career dev

All Tech-Career training programs include in-depth content on career development, employment skills, and workforce skills. Students participate in workshops preparing them for the workplace, professional lectures, industry tours, HR simulations, and professional simulations.

Career Development Workshops

Students in each course participate in a comprehensive workshop, led by experienced career advisors, preparing them for the workplace. The workshop covers a wide range of topics:
- Building one’s personal story and branding.
- Guidelines for writing resumes that will lead to job interviews.
- Mapping previous experience and its relevance to the industry.
- Identifying and highlighting acquired skills and knowledge.
- Identifying one’s personal X Factor – discovering strengths and
   personality traits.
- Analyzing, mapping, and searching for jobs, as well as
  meticulous preparation for job interviews, including tips and tools

  for a successful interview.


Our current DevNet course career preparation workshop concluded with an incredible alumni panel in which graduates from our previous DevNet course shared their challenges and sources of strength with the students, providing them with tips for managing their new career paths. The event extended into the night with rounds of discussion and networking.

Enrichment Activities

Financial Management Workshop - As part of our collaboration with Israel Discount Bank, volunteers from the bank hold a two-day workshop for each course entitled "Financial Education - Proper Financial Management". This initiative stems from Israel Discount Bank's social and community-oriented perception of empowerment through financial education for diverse target audiences.

LinkedIn Workshop – Tech-Career students participate in a workshop on proper use of the LinkedIn platform, led by a volunteer from RAD. During the workshop, students learn how to create a comprehensive professional profile and how to use the application for professional connections and knowledge in the best possible manner.

Identity and belonging with Tech-Career CEO, Takele Mekonen – Takele, who embodies the Ethiopian community’s heritage, presents strength and hopes for the future and shares his story with all Tech-Career students. Over four fascinating hours, students hear about the rich history of Ethiopia and Ethiopian Jewry. Takele shares childhood memories of the Sigd holiday, the yearning for Zion, and the arduous journey to Israel through Sudan. He also discusses the contributions of trailblazing leaders and educators such as Prof. Joseph HaLevy, Prof. Taamrat Emmanuel, Yirmiyahu Geta, Yona Bogale, Fereda Aklum, Baruch Tegene, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, and Menachem Begin. Tekela highlights the importance of education, unity, and preserving tradition as driving forces of success.

Independent study – Our "Career Development and Employability Skills" program is delivered to students by Tali Yaakov, founder of "Inside – Space for Personal and Professional Development" and leader of our specialization program. Tali emphasizes the importance of self-directed and independent learning in today's work world, the differences between them, various learning styles, and effective independent learning models. Students are exposed to additional skills required for success in the tech world: technical and digital skills, as well as personal skills such as time management, personal branding, critical thinking and problem-solving, the importance of organizational language, and effective communication rules and tools.

Presentations and public speaking – In each of our training programs, students undergo training in delivering a winning presentation, practicing on their classmates, students from other courses, and Tech-Career staff. Students in one of our current DevNet courses participated in a similar workshop with volunteers from AT&T, gaining important tools. They applied their new knowledge during a presentation event held in front of their classmates that included students from an additional course and Tech-Career representatives. 

Contracts and labor lawsEyal Gichon, Tech-Career treasurer and member of the board, meets with each course and conducts a workshop on labor law. In a two-hour session, he explains what an employment contract is, rights and obligations of both the employee and employer, why it is important to pay attention to employment contracts, and what to insist on in a contract. He analyzes the different clauses of an employment agreement and teaches students how to negotiate terms of employment.

Job Interview Simulations

Data Analysis for Women
HR interviews:  Throughout the course, career preparation content focused, among other things, on crafting a continuous and cohesive career story. Fifteen recruiters from companies such as NVIDIA, BioCatch, Novidea, and WEDOit participated in a job interview simulation day and conducted 17 job interview simulations, each consisting of a 20-minute interview and a 10-minute feedback session.

Professional interviews: As part of our collaboration with Pagaya, course participants underwent 10 one-hour simulations during which they tackled a real home exam used by Pagaya in their recruitment process and interviews with recruiting team leaders. The simulations provided a unique opportunity for participants to experience a professional interview and receive feedback from the Pagaya team.

Cisco DevNet 
HR interviews: Students practiced interviews with recruiters from leading companies – Cognyte, Partner, AT&T, and Bank of Israel.

Professional interviews: Students met with experienced interviewers from companies such as FireDome, Upstream Security, CIS, Oasis Communication Technologies, Splunk, and AT&T, and underwent interview simulations. For many, it was their first time experiencing a professional job interview. After the interview, each student received detailed feedback, including comments on strengths as well as areas for improvement, tips for enhancing performance in future job interviews, and professional development advice.

new programs

New Programs


New Specialization Program. We are excited to announce the launch of Tech-Career’s new specialization program, which won the "Jumpstart to High-Tech - Practical Training Programs" tender from the Innovation Authority. The program aims to provide graduates with a unique opportunity to integrate into the high-tech industry while gaining significant practical experience and connecting with leading companies in the field.

24 participants including 10 women (from 70 candidates), were selected through a rigorous screening process to participate in the program’s first cohort. Participants come from a variety of academic institutions and non-academic training programs in Full Stack Software Development and Data Analysis. For future cohorts, the specialization program will expand to graduates from the fields of cyber, automation, and DevOps. 

We recruited a range of companies for the program: Productive, Pagaya, Wix, Check Point, AT&T, BioCatch, Ibex Investors, Hetz Ventures, iMD-soft, and more. Throughout the specialization period, Tech-Career’s team will provide participants with personal and group guidance, offer technological workshops (at companies such as Google), enrichment activities, soft skills training, peer collaboration, and more.

Participants are currently undergoing screening processes for specialization in the companies. For this purpose, we held a hackathon at Wix at the end of March, during which participants developed applications for the management of Tech-Career’s alumni forum. The teams worked diligently, utilizing the knowledge and skills they acquired during their training, under the guidance of Wix employees who themselves are Tech-Career graduates. At the end of the hackathon, the teams presented their projects to a panel of judges from Wix who were impressed by the levels of innovation and technical expertise.

Three participants have already been accepted for specialization at Productive and began their training on April 1st. Another participant was accepted at Folio.

Course for Ethiopian Israelis directly impacted by the war. As part of our efforts to contribute to strengthening social resilience, and in collaboration with the Rashi Foundation and the Municipal Employment Forum of Ashkelon, Tech-Career is launching a Cyber and Data Communications course for people directly affected by the war who lost their livelihoods. Participants, Ethiopian Israelis from Ashkelon, Sderot, Ofakim, Netivot, Kiryat Malakhi, Kiryat Gat, and Be'er Sheva, will acquire professional knowledge leading towards quality employment in the high-tech industry. The 10-month hybrid course, tailored to the needs of the target audience, is scheduled to begin in September and will include a weekly Zoom session and a weekly in-person session in Ashkelon. The course will include extensive content on career development and employability skills, workshops to strengthen emotional resilience, and tools for coping with PTSD. Throughout the course, participants and their families will receive comprehensive support including laptop computers, accompaniment by Tech-Career graduates who will serve as mentors, and ongoing support to ensure their success.

The English B'Yachad Program 

תוכנית אנגלית

We are very proud of our continued partnership with Skilled Volunteers for Israel, which has provided over 400 students, graduates, and staff members with an opportunity to strengthen their English language skills through the "English B’Yachad" program. The program offers students an opportunity to practice speaking and writing skills, craft CVs, and prepare for job interviews, all in English. Since the beginning of our partnership, hundreds of volunteers from the United States, Canada, England, and Israel have participated. We wish to express our gratitude once again to Mrs. Marla Gamoran, CEO of Skilled Volunteers, Dr. Minna Wolf, English B’Yachad Director, and all program volunteers for making this opportunity possible.

Community Role Models


Tech-Career’s DevNet students volunteered with 66 third-grade children at the Ma'apilim school in Lod, exposing them to STEM education through FIRST's robotics kits, in collaboration with FIRST and F5. This wonderful opportunity allows Tech-Career students and future community leaders to become inspiring role models for the children. The volunteer efforts of our current DevNet course concluded with a festival at the beginning of March, during which 11 teams of Tech-Career students and third-grade students presented their projects to school staff and second-grade students. In May, students from our new DevNet course will begin volunteering with second-grade students.

Looking Forward to Expansion

קורסים עתידיים

Tech-Career plans to launch the following courses by the end of 2024:

  1. Data Analyst course, in partnership with UpScale Analytics for evacuees from the Gaza periphery – May 2024

  2. Cyber and Data Communications, in partnership with the Ministry of Defense at Tech-Career’s new northern branch in Kiryat Motzkin – June 2024

  3. Cyber, in partnership with the Innovation Authority – June 2024

  4. Cyber and Data Communications, in partnership with the Rashi Foundation and the Municipal Employment Forum of Ashkelon for Ethiopian Israelis directly impacted by the war from the western Negev – September 2024

  5. DevOps course, in partnership with a high-tech company for reservists – September 2024

  6. Course for Women – October 2024

  7. Cisco DevNet, in partnership with the Ministry of Defense – December 2024

other news

Other News 

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-12 at 13.21.22 (1).jpeg

Tech-Career Honored by JFNA. We are proud to announce that the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) named Tech-Career one of the most essential programs for Ethiopian Israelis and the most effective organization in promoting employment in the new Jewish Federations of North America Task Force report published in February 2024. We are grateful to the JFNA family for this recognition and are committed to continuing our efforts to promote quality employment opportunities among Ethiopian immigrants.

International Women’s Day. International Women's Day, which we marked on March 8th, is an excellent opportunity to shine the spotlight on Orit Sabhat, an inspiring woman who serves as a model for giving and social action, and who has been an integral part of the Tech-Career family for the past three years. After completing a three-month long term of reserve duty in March, Orit went directly to the graduation ceremony of our DevNet course, which she led with exceptional dedication and success. Even before being called for reserve duty on the front lines, Orit volunteered and assisted anyone in need following October 7, with the greatest modesty. For Orit, volunteering and social involvement are the most significant values, and the message she conveys to her students is “Go forth and do good!”

Tech-Career in the Media


Three Tech-Career graduates developed a unique Amharic language app to allow elderly Ethiopian Israelis who do not speak Hebrew to access information regarding essential services during wartime including on health treatment, with an emphasis on mental health. The app compiles vital information on an easily accessible platform, includes instructional videos and enables direct contact with Amharic-speaking healthcare professionals. For an article on the app (in Hebrew) click here.


Spotlight on Tech-Career Graduates

יירוס בוגרת אינטק.jpeg

Roi Mekonen, Full Stack Software Development Graduate:
“The world of technology has always been a part of me. I was born and raised in Netanya, and my journey into the tech world began at Ort Gutman High School in Netanya, where I studied computer science. After completing high school, I was torn between continuing my studies in the field or volunteering for combat service. In the end, I chose combat service and had the privilege of serving as a fighter and commander in the Givati Brigade where I gained many skills that helped me during and after my service. Following my service, I worked in the security field for several years, until a friend told me about Tech-Career. I enrolled in an intensive 8-month software development course. The course was comprehensive – beyond technological studies. I benefited from many lectures by professionals in the field, received assistance in improving my English language skills, and gained additional tools such as making presentations, public speaking, time management, and more. I successfully completed the course and found a job as a tutor and instructor in Full Stack courses at Ort Singalovsky College. Today, I am a Full-Stack Developer at the Boutique Tech Studios startup. Although I have only begun my journey, I am confident that, thanks to the many tools I acquired at Tech-Career, I will progress, develop, specialize, and gain knowledge in the field.”

Yerus Zelka – In-Tech Graduate (Second cycle):“I am 23 years old and am from Petah Tikva. I joined the In-Tech program after my military service following a recommendation from a friend and because I am interested in the world of technology. Over the course of three months, we were exposed to various tech professions, received challenging technological tasks, toured different tech companies, and met professionals who helped us get a close look at this world that was previously unfamiliar to me. The best thing I gained from the program is a deep understanding of the industry, which led me to enroll in a Data Analyst course. I have also begun a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Management. My aspiration is to work in the field of data analysis combined with economics and management. I am very happy to have participated in the program and highly recommend it to anyone interested in the technology field -- it provides a strong foundation and useful, practical tools for finding one’s path.


Tech-Career’s Capital Project

Tech-Career continues to progress towards the construction of our permanent campus on land allocated by the Lod municipality. We are now in the final stages of obtaining the necessary procedural approvals on the way to construction.

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