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In-Tech – Exposure to High Tech Professions

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Launched in October, Tech-Career's new In-Tech Program aims to increase the number of Ethiopian Israeli adults entering Israel's high tech industry, by familiarizing young people with diverse high tech professions and directing them to suitable studying opportunities in training centers, colleges and universities. The program is based on online courses and professional accompaniment and works with participants one-on-one and in groups in order to provide career guidance.
The program pilot was launched at Cybereason, and the first group meeting was held in November with 40 motivated candidates who learned about a range of fields including UI/UX, Software Development, Data, and product management. Candidates received explanations on the various courses, key concepts in each, as well as the course structure. The next program session was held in December and participants got a more in depth look at the program – at the end of the session each participant chose the area in which they would like to specialize. Additional sessions included group guidance workshops and one-on-one meetings with a guidance counsellor. The pilot concluded in February with a diploma ceremony and half of the participants have already registered for trainings in the field they chose! The second program cohort will begin in April after Passover. The exposure conference took place in March at Check Point with more than 160 interested candidates and program staff. 
Eight volunteer group moderators were selected to work with program participants out of 50 candidates who applied. The volunteering moderators participated in a training session at Tech-Career to prepare them for the task at hand. They are all highly experienced in the field and are generously giving their time and energy to help integrate Ethiopian Israelis in high tech. Each moderator will work with a group of 20 young people and will help them get to know, experience and choose study paths towards high tech careers.

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