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The In Tech Program Launch 

Following the announcement on In Tech in our previous newsletter, we are pleased to share the news that the program is now set to launch. This new program will familiarize Ethiopian Israeli young people with high tech professions and support them through suitable training and placement processes.  


The program operates as follows: 

  1. Online learning modules with the aim of exposing young people to different high tech professions and enabling them to gain valuable hands-on experience. This will increase their self-confidence and allow them to begin professional tech training processes. 

  2. In-person workshops and interactive meetups to expose the target audience to life in the industry: visits to companies, hands-on workshops, and more, through which interested candidates will meet with and talk to industry professionals working in a wide variety of tech fields.  

  3. Career counselling to assist participants in finding the most appropriate training course for them. 

  4. Personal and group accompaniment throughout the program in order to enable participants to discover their strengths, dismantle internal barriers and progress towards the best possible training course. 


We recently hired Nati Rotstein as our In Tech program director. Nati has experience in both the technological and social action worlds. Along with Tech-Career's techno-pedagogical leader, Elisheva Vakrat, Nati is forging a partnership with Campus IL and is developing a technological study and pedagogical supervision infrastructure for program participants. The program pilot is set to launch with a small test group of 30 participants after the High Holidays. The first program cohort of 150 participants is scheduled for the beginning of 2023. 

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