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Tech-Career’s Newest Graduates  

סיום קורס אוטומציה_edited.jpg

Automation Development in partnership with the Israel Innovation Authority 

19 students out of 80 interested candidates participated in this course which began in December 2021 and ended in June 2022. The course, ran in collaboration with Duda, and was led by Israel Mangisto. Students worked with Full Stack Software Development students on their final projects which included end-to-end testing of a variety of sites and a presentation of the test report results. Students visited Cybereason, BioCatch, SimilarWeb, and Duda. At their graduation ceremony which was held at AT&T, students presented their final projects to a panel of judges from the company and from Top Matrix. One of the students was accepted at a job at Harmonic before the course ended and two others  received contracts from Israel Discount Bank. 

סיום קורס דבנט_edited.jpg

Cisco DevNet Engineers in partnership with the Ministry of Defense  

The course, which began in October 2021 and ended in June 2022 with 17 students was led by IITC and was as successful as our previous course in this field. By July, over half the graduates, who are in very high demand, began jobs in the industry. The course culminated in a graduation ceremony at Cisco Israel, with the participation of Cisco Israel's Managing Director, Oren Shraga. The course's great success results in large from the strong ongoing collaboration with Cisco and thanks to pedagogical advisor Yacov Nagose, a Tech-Career graduate.  

סיום קורס דאטה1_edited.jpg

Data Science and Data Analysis for Academics – in partnership with the Israel Innovation Authority 

Tech-Career's first Data course (August 2021 – April 2022) ended with 14 graduates. Six graduates are working (two found work before the end of the course) at various companies such as Noogata,  CloudZone, and Digital Owl and two are beginning internships at INSAIT. The graduation ceremony took place at Riskified where graduates presented their final project, an AI model. The project was also displayed on Kaggle, a leading site which holds open competitions for Data scientists. Following the program's success, we are now running another course in this field in collaboration with Meta (Facebook).  

סיום קורס סיילספורס_edited.jpg

Salesforce Implementers Program for Women in partnership with the Israel Innovation Authority


This new course for women ran from December 2021 – May 2022 with 21 students (including 8 single mothers). The chief lecturer was Gil Hod, CRM-Period's owner and volunteer tutors included employees of AppsFlyer and Cognyte as well as Tech-Career graduates. Students participated in site visits at Salesforce and Check Point and underwent two-month practical internships at Check Point, Cognyte, and more. AppsFlyer hosted the course graduation ceremony. Five graduates are now working in the field. 

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