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  Tech-Career’s Newest Graduates 


QA Automation for New Immigrants

In partnership with the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration and the Jewish Agency – July 2022 – March 2023 in Be'er Sheva. 130 candidates applied for the course, and 24 young new Ethiopian Israeli immigrants with academic degrees were chosen to participate. The course included Python programming and was based on automatic tools. The course's head lecturer was Israel Mangisto, Tech-Career graduate and CTO of Trado. Participants tested Tech-Career's Full Stack students' final projects for bugs, as part of the program's practical exercises, participated in extensive career preparation workshops, and visited Israel's cyber headquarters, as well as tech companies such as Altera Digital Health, Rad Negev, Western Digital and Red-Hatf – where students met with Tech-Career graduates and other staff and got tips on CV writing and the job search process. 
Students also met with Adis Mekonen, founder and CEO of Bogolog who turned his favorite childhood game into an app, and presented their final projects at Nvidia Be'er Sheva. 
The course graduation ceremony took place on March 23 at the Academic College Levinsky-Wingate with the participation of Doron Almog, Chairman of the Jewish Agency. We are very glad to report that before the end of the course one graduate has already signed a contract with Beaconcure!


Full Stack Software Development

In partnership with the Ministry of Defense, began in February 2022 and concluded in January 2023 with 24 students. Course lecturers, tutors, and volunteers included Tech-Career graduates and senior developers working at Microsoft, AT&T and Students visited Imperva, where they experienced an internal company hackathon, Riskified, Microsoft, and BioCatch, where students presented their final projects. The course culminated with a 3-day coding hackathon and graduation ceremony at ironSource. We are proud to let you know that two students have already been accepted to Moveo and Rafael!


Full Stack Software Development

In partnership with the Israel Innovation Authority, began in March 2022 and concluded in February 2023 with 25 participants. This was Tech-Career's 50th course! Students studied React, Java Script, Node.js, Mongo DB, participated in site tours, a personal financial management workshop, a task management workshop, HR and professional job interview simulations. In an event held at Payoneer and organized by 3 Payoneer employees, 2 of who are Tech-Career alumni, course graduates presented their final projects. Students participated in job interview simulations with representatives from AT&T, BioCatch and Amdocs and in fascinating enrichment lectures including by Shay Reznick, CEO of, about Qwik and the future of web development. Graduates are currently undergoing job recruitment processes, accompanied by their mentors, including at AT&T and Moveo Group. The course concluded with a 3-day hackathon and graduation ceremony at Imperva. We are very proud to announce that one student has been accepted as a front end developer at AT&T

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Data Analysis

In partnership with the Israel Innovation Authority and Meta, ran from August 2022 to February 2023. The student body was overwhelmingly female (14 out of 17), with all participants holding academic (mostly science) degrees. The course was directed by Ram Kedem, a leading Data Analysis specialist and founder of UpScale Analytics.
The comprehensive course included close to 400 study hours, personal mentoring from the outset, the creation of work portfolios that reflect the students' analytical and business capabilities, and in-depth training in Excel, SQL, Python, NumPy, Pandas and Matplotlib interfaces. During the course, students presented four projects to industry analysts. They participated in a stimulating site visit at Meta where they learned about the fascinating role Data Analysists play in the industry. Towards the end of the course, students practiced job interview simulations with volunteers from ironSource, F5, Intercontinental Exchange and others. The course graduation ceremony took place at ironSource; graduates are now interviewing for jobs and the placement rate for this course is expected to be high.

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