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Meet the Graduates 

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Yael Wuvenech, Cisco DevNet Graduate


"My name is Yael, I'm 25 years old and I live in Kiryat Malachi. 

In high school I majored in Communications and English, in the IDF I was a non-commissioned communications officer, and afterwards I spent four months traveling in East Asia. 

I heard about Tech-Career from graduates who integrated into the industry and I connected with the organization's vision, the support it offers students, the assistance in job placements, and boot camp conditions that provide an ideal studying environment that does not always exist at home. After participating in an exposure conference and meetup, I chose the course that most attracted me: Cisco DevNet. Studies were intense and challenging and I gained knowledge and skills as well as great friends! Thanks to Tech-Career's collaboration with major firms like Cisco Israel, we received the opportunity to do site tours in the industry and experienced working with the latest technologies. 

Tech-Career supported me throughout the course, including with job offers – finding my first job was quite a challenge and after a number of interviews and a long recruitment process, I was accepted to the company I had set my eyes on, Amazon. 

The tools I gained at Tech-Career allowed me to overcome every challenge along the way and realize my potential. 

I feel like this is just the beginning and that I have so much more to learn and many areas in which I can develop in the future. 

Happy New Year to you all!" 

Yoni Bitau, Software Development Graduate 

"My name is Yoni, I'm 26 years old and I live in Hadera. 

I heard about Tech-Career from my cousin, a course participant, and I decided to join him. I chose this program because of the great support it offers students: living on campus, high level software development studies, and enrichment lectures on subjects that include financial planning that provided me very useful life tools. 

Tech-Career gave me so much: the "English B’Yachad" program helped me improve my English speaking capabilities, which is really important in this industry. We were also tutored by people working in the industry, which was really helpful - I'm still in touch with my tutor, Nir, who works at Microsoft, and helped me understand how to pave my way within the industry. Throughout the job placement process, Tech-Career provided me with so much: job search tools, lectures on placement-related subjects, and a career preparation course. Thanks to all these, I landed a job just a month and a half after I completed the program. 

I have been working as a Full Stack Developer at Gray Matters Health in Haifa for the past 8 months – the company specializes in AI in the medical field. It is my aim to gain experience in the development field, and in a few years, move on to management positions and to develop groundbreaking products that will make a global impact. 

The time I spent at Tech-Career was really significant for me. That is why in my spare time I give back to the place that helped me grow: I tutor and give lectures on career management to Tech-Career students, in order to help prepare them for the tech world. Hopefully, I'll be seeing some familiar faces in the industry soonJ." 

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