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Renewals in the Horizon 

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New Branches 

In the wake of Tech-Career's expansion in recent years, and in order to strengthen Israel's social and geographical periphery, we are opening two new branches where we will hold the following programs: 

  1. Be'er Sheva – Automation Development, in cooperation with the Jewish Agency and the Ministry of Aliya and Integration. 

  2. Haifa area – two technological courses in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense. 

A Successful Bid for the Ministry of Defense Tender 

We are thrilled to report that at the beginning of July 2022, we won the Ministry of Defense Tender to run five courses per year in the coming three years for participants who have completed their military service, in the following fields: 

  1. Full Stack Software  Development 

  2. Automation Development 

  3. Cisco DevNet 

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