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   From the Desk of Takele Mekonen


Dear Friends and Partners,

With Passover just around the corner, it is our pleasure to attach Tech-Career's periodic newsletter providing updates on our broad-ranging activities and achievements, on which you have all made a vital impact! 

Yet I would also like to take this opportunity to ponder, in the spirit of Passover and its four questions, how much has changed during this period. Tech-Career does not operate in a vacuum – the current, dynamic sociopolitical crisis is bringing Israel closer than ever to a rift that will be impossible to mend. We believe that it is every Israeli citizen's duty to do their utmost to strengthen social cohesion and prevent this rift. Tech-Career's activities do just that, and build bridges between diverse communities in the country. Against the backdrop of the social conflict, we are especially proud of our collaborative efforts this year, and especially noteworthy is the partnership we forged with the Jewish Agency, in the framework of which we launched a course for recent immigrants from Ethiopia.

Beyond the local crisis, a global financial crisis looms. In much of the developed world, inflation rates are soaring, a number of banks have collapsed, and the international high-tech industry has suffered from widespread layoffs.

These converging crises create a complex reality which compels us to remain aware of each and every new development, locally and globally, strengthen existing partnerships and examine opportunities to develop new ones, while maintaining direct and open channels with the high tech industry to understand its needs at the present time.

Our ongoing dialogue with the industry has enabled us to identify a number of fields in which the demand for employees has not diminished, such as DevNet, Data Analysis, Cyber Security and DevOps, and to ensure that our training courses are designed accordingly. As a result, this year we are offering an unprecedented 11 courses for 220 students in these fields. In this context, I am proud to share news of a new partnership with Ono Academic College, in the framework of which graduates from software development and QA courses have begun evening courses that will provide them with academic credit. Further evidence of our success in adjusting our activities to the changing reality is Tech-Career's new In-Tech program in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor, with the aim of making high tech accessible to even more Ethiopian Israeli young people.

With our expanding activities, we continue to work towards establishing Tech-Career's permanent campus in Lod. Our growth is a clear indication of the need for this campus.

On behalf of the entire Tech-Career family, I would like to express my hope that the many accomplishments described in this newsletter will shine a ray of light, instill pride and even deep satisfaction, during these challenging times. Now more than ever, we thank you for your unwavering dedication, generosity and faith in us. We could not have done it without you.

Wishing you and your families a Happy and Healthy Pesach,

Takele Mekonen, CEO

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